Handmade in London using leftover industry surplus stock, every mask is unique and so the fabric may vary slightly from picture shown. A non-surgical face mask to wear during your everyday activities. These are quality masks made with love.


If you have chosen the twill tie option, these will come at a set length where you can then trim to size and knot the ends.


To put on: wash hands thoroughly with soap or disinfectant. Pick mask up with loops/ties and loop behind ear or tie at the back of the head. Adjust the metal nose strip to fit and then avoid touching mask as much as possible. At the end of the day, throw in the wash and clean before reusing.


Please ensure the removable metal nose strip is removed before washing-by going into the opening on the right hand side of the mask and pulling it out of its compartment. Wash at 30-40 degrees as it's best for the hat and the planet! Do not tumble dry as it may cause the item to shrink.

Calico Mask

  • Measure from bridge of nose to just under chin for best fit. 

    Mask Size Approx Age Measurement
    XS 3-7years 10cm
    S 7-10years to small adult 11.5cm
    M Adult 13cm
    L Adult 14.5cm
    XL Adult 16cm


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