Irresponsibly designed (at great cost) but responsibly made with the consideration of our planet.

I love clothes but hate shopping for them. Don’t you just hate it when you’ve got an idea in mind and can’t find something that fits exactly how you thought in your head? Oh the absolute frustration and mild(!) tantrum. That’s the reason after years of customising clothes and sewing some questionable things, I eventually took myself off to fashion school to learn how to pattern cut and sew properly- I was taught by the tailor to HRH Queen Elizabeth II, daaaaaaarling. Now with my skill set, experience and obsession for innovation; you, will never have looked so fabulous!*

I know that as a company, I am responsible for being sustainable, ethical and minimising our impact on the planet and its occupants. I recognise the impact fashion has. But, I'm not perfect; as unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  Sustainability and ethical responsibility isn’t just about paying a living wage and organic wool. It’s about a living wage, organic wool, employee rights, pesticides on the land sheep roam and on the cotton grown, alongside a hundred thousand other layers that make up the fashion industry.  As there isn’t a single report or analytical study on the impact fashion has on the world, I have to be extra responsible in every step of the process and ask the hard questions as to how and where it’s been made. It takes a lot more time to get processes and production into place but I wouldn’t change for our world. Whilst I'm not perfect, the core values of responsibility remain the same and will always be what drives me. I also quite like the challenge of making ethically and sustainably responsible clothes lose their ‘hippy’ status.

*Cheeky bonus- all components from fabric down to the buttons will have been ethically and sustainably sourced.

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